As part of Mbugua Rosemary Foundation’s task to support entrepreneurs in emerging markets, the foundation decided to launch a new portal for potential business ideas. The portal runs on bidx platform, which facilitate the collaboration between entrepreneurs, mentors and … More

For many starting entrepreneurs it is the – sometimes quite literally – ‘million dollar question’. Where can you find the right investors and how can you convince them to invest in your business? As a young and ambitious entrepreneur, totally … More

After creating your business proposal on one of our portals, you probably noticed that we calculate the completeness score of your plan. This is one measure to help investors evaluate plans in a single glance before they actually go and … More

She likes me, she 5-star rates me not

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About 9 years ago, Time Magazine chose ‘you’ as its person of the year. Yes, you, and everyone who is not just a mere consumer of online content, but a contributor now. That was when user-generated content was taking off, … More

One day while having our daily lunch together at bidx, Leslie, our director, told me that he runs 10 kilometers every other day. For me, that was kind of impossible. I remember in my early 20’s, 4 kilometers was my … More